smart seat

You are woried about autonomous car. this article should reassure you.

Automotive parts manufacturer Faurecia and Stanford University’s Center for Design Research developed the car seat, dubbed the Active Wellness seat, that can measure your heart and breathing rate to ensure you’re alert and comfortable.

If it detects you’re becoming stressed, it’ll recommend a back massage. The driver can then choose whether or not to accept the pampering.

One of the issues with semi-autonomous systems is you can become so relaxed you forget to remain alert. But even if a highly-intelligent system is driving your car for you, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aware of what’s going on in case you need to intervene.

This innovation shows how automakers will continue to focus on ways to keep drivers alert and comfortable when driving is no longer preoccupying their mind. you do not need an excuse to get into an autonomous car. I find this system very useful!


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  1. Soon some robot psychologist in cars?


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