Air ? a new fuel !

PSA Peugeot Citroën has chosen to take up the challenge to create a vehicle environmentally friendly. For this, the Group is developing a hybrid gasoline and unique technology called Hybrid Air compressed air, a key step towards car 2l / 100km. The innovative element lies in the engine adaptability to the conduct of each. The engine rule independently on one of three modes of conduct can: zero emissions, thermal gasoline or mixed.

the group announced a gain of 45% for use in urban conditions for greater autonomy by 90% compared to a conventionally powered. this system could be applied to all vehicles (of all sizes).

This solution could be a real alternative to electrical cars. because the battery autonomy problem will be resolved with this solution.

I find this very interesting innovation because it allows to evaluate alternatives to “electric” and “thermal”.


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  1. carlosbrehme says:

    TThis principle was created by a French engineer called Guy Nègre 10 years ago. He invented the Air pod-car. Unfortunate, he left France because he didn’t found people who will invest money in his idea

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