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The problem when you are driving is to find the service you need nearby. Your GPS can help you but it’s not often updated and driving you to a destination that does not exist.

You are driving your car and are caught by a sudden urge to snack? No problem ! “At your service” is an application allowing you to accurately locate shops and places offering the services you throughout your previously selected driving route.

But the peculiarity of this software is to provide you with coupons for restaurants, shops, hotels always via the OnStar application. Besides its coupons software also allows you to inquire about the parking availability or book hotel rooms as you drive.

this application is one of the “non-safety” application that I really enjoy. I think that it can be a good solution for travelers wich don’t know where they have to go to fill up the gas tank for exemple.

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  1. I would like to get this application, I am often on the road with my car and every time it’s hard to find a restaurant or a gas station on the highway.

    Thank you for your article
    Where can i download it ?


  2. I’ll get on the App Store


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