Emergency braking system

Today, a question is about “how to prevent car accidents”. Volvo talk to us security with its new car the Volvo XC90. The latter provides an automatic braking and management of braking functions at intersections if the driver turns out likely to be faced with another car coming in the opposite direction. The car will be stopped in order to avoid collisions.
common scenario, especially in the city center, where the narrow streets may cause discomfort to the driver’s view. Although the automatic braking is not an innovation, totally stop your car at an intersection or halfway is.
“If it works as Volvo promises, and we did have evidence of the decline of accidents, car insurance will have to read it. “Penny was speaking Gusner analyst insure.com.

This system  is again a proof from volvo of its safety implication. I can only support these technological choices




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