smart maintenance assistant

Lot of person don’t know anything about cars servicing and are not expert in mechanics. That why car builders are improving the maintenance asistance on their car.

Today we find a technology proposed by  OnStar. This time your car warns you through the “Driver Insurance” software when it detects problems or malfunctions in its engine. It will then send you emails, SMS, alert in the vehicle or via the smartphone application pourvous prevent and allow you to fix what’s wrong before a failure or an accident occur.
Although it can adjust independently of its disturbances, these preventive measures will help you increase your safety as already made other applications. For the moment we don’t have any information about the starting date of this system and about the cost of this option but I think it is very important to help persons for their car maintenance before they damage it.



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  1. This is very useful I looked forward to the release of this product.
    informs us of the release date.
    you have an idea of the price?


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