Connected Car

As you probably know, the smartphones have more and more features. It is not only a phone. You can go on internet, play on a game, order online, follow your fitness activity, control your TV screen and lot of other things. Now, many cars using the “smartwatch” to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Recently it’s Hyundai and its “Blue Link” application that operates the universe of connected smart watches. This application will allow you to locate your car, lock the doors, stop your engine or honking.

The watch and application “Blue Link” however, must be coupled to a smartphone containing the Blue Link mobile application. After that remote functions can be executed with a nearly anywhere as long as your phone is connected to the Internet.

From my side, I am not sure that the safety is increase with this system. Because, a hacker could play with this system to steal the car.




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  1. ninguy says:

    This application seems very useful !! But as you said the computer system has to be highly secured to avoid some hacking attack.


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