control your car by gestures

It could be a new way to control your car in the future. To control your car without touching. This is achievable and was announced by volkswagen. This kind of technology allows only with a gesture, to control opening and closing of your car windows, of your sunroof or to set some parameter as the temperature of the air conditioning. We can imagine that you can also modify multimedia parameters (music, videos) or navigate on your Human Machine Interface.
To implement this system, Volkswagen placed a 3D camera next to the face of the driver on the car mirror. This camera is able to analyse your gesture and launch the associated commands.
this function should equip the GOLF R 2016 of Volkswagen. For the moment this model is a prototype. It’s equipped of some innovative systems, notably with a new hybrid system (thermal and electric motor), a powertrain with a 400 hp power. As the full link technology (see the post about it) I think it can disturb the driver during the driving.

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  1. Wow, just awesome ! Apparently the computer engineers aren’t the only ones to do researchs about innovative HMI, that’s so cool


  2. padieng says:

    nice topic! do you that is a viable solution, because sometimes it is so difficult to interpret gestures!!!


  3. thomas3991 says:

    it’s a nice topic But the “BMW series 7” already uses gestures control. So it’s already a reality.


    1. carlosbrehme says:

      That’s right, for example how the car will interpret a sneezing?


  4. adrien94300 says:

    How much costs this car ?


    1. alex223578 says:

      There is no privé for the moment. We have to wait the official starting of the model


  5. mma1143 says:

    Another Way is to pay a private chauffeur ! you just need to talk to him.


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