don’t sleep during the driving !

Today the topic is about a specific system which supervise your face in order to detect and prevent a drawsiness. this system equiped the new jaguar F-Type and was developed by an australian company (seeing machines) which is specialized in facial recognition.

This system is equiped of an infrared camera on the dashboard and operate with a specific operating system in the car. this software is optimized to detect signs of fatigues on your face. In fact it detect your eyes movement, if your eyes off the road but also evaluate your face movements, your facial expression and even your number of eyes blinking. By adding these data, the system is able to know if the driver isn’t focused on the road or if he is falling asleep, then it send a signal to the driver if it is necessary. The camera catch 60 picture per minute and analyse the behavior of the driver.

Other car builders are already equipt their car with a similar system. For exemple Mercedes with its assitance system, Ford with its driver alert system, the driver vigilance system from volvo and the fatigue sensor of Volkswagen. All of these are made to reduce theĀ road crash due to a driver distraction.


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  1. araknor says:

    It’s a very good invention and very complex as I read, I think the cost of this revolution is very expensive !


    1. alex223578 says:

      I sought the price of this option on the jaguar website and I don’t found it. but I estimate it between 1000 and 2000eu.


  2. mezzonopia says:

    I used to sleep when I drive… I really love this option but it’s probably too expensive for me. in your opinion, in how many years this option could arrive in entry level cars?


    1. alex223578 says:

      I think that this kind of options will arrive on our cars (the car less than 30000 eu) before 2020. The cost is high for the moment but it is mainly a software treatment and it should equip all the cars easily !


  3. morganedu says:

    Hi! It is a good option! I like this idea but a don’t have the money for buy this car, what a shame!


  4. this is a great invention, it will reduce accidents on the road.
    Many people take the road being very tired and do not know it.
    Thank you for this article


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