Be focused on the road with WayRay

In this article I will present to you a specific innovative system concerning the safety through the focusing on the road. You have probably heard Afficher l'image d'origineabout HUD (Head up display), this little display up to your steering wheel show the speed and few other informations (see on the left). following this idea, WayRay aims to ensure more safety by displaying some informations directly on the windscreen. The benefit ? You no longer have to leave the road with your eyes. All the main informations are displayed, concerning GPS, speed,informations about the car (torque, power, temperature, etc..) and you also have all informations about your smartphone through bluetooth communication (messages, call, notifications, etc..).

The technical operation is simple. the system is a projector which project all the informations on the wind screen. It is wireless connected to the smartphone of the driver (bluetooth) and to the OBD2 connector of the car. the OBD2 provide all car informations mentioned previously

Afficher l'image d'origineWayRay is designed by a russian company. I really think that this system can improve the safety. It has been proved that 30% of accident are occurred due to a distraction in a car (smartphone or other), this company propose a realist solution.



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  1. Alex says:

    Hello alex!!! Happy new year !!!
    “You no longer have to leave the road with your eyes” > “Your eyes will no longer be off/leave the road”

    How much does this option cost if I want to put it on my car?

    Kiss ❤


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