About car headlights (part 2)

In the last article I told about car headlight, and mainly about basics car headlight : the halogen lamp. in this article I will present the 3 alternative technologies from oldest to newest.

Xenon technology

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The xenon light was implemented in the first time on 1991, on à 7 serie from BMW. this kind of technology was invented in order to improve the visibility for night travel. this technology is made by chemical reaction of a rare gas. the light color is White/blue depending of the lamp.

Led Technology

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the LED technology (light-emitting diode) was first implemented on 2011, on Audi R8. this technology use several LED to emit a high brightness. the advantage compared to xenon (and halogen) is the lifetime and the energy consumption.

Laser technology

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The laser technology is an innovation for automotive headlight. It is promoted by Audi and BMW (always the same) for their prototypes. this technology announce bigger range of lighting (xenon = LED = 100m to 300m away and Laser = 600m away !!). Another point is that the beam intensity is adjustable, for example when the car crosses another.

In order to conclude about lighting technology, we can say that it is in constant evolution, and headlight are always more efficient, more economic and more resistant through the time.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. germatoni says:

    Thank you for this introducing. It’s interesting to see all lighting tecnologies that exist and to compare them. Do you think that the Laser technology will equip a car one day?


  2. alex223578 says:

    The I8 (BMW) prototype with Laser exist since 2012. I am almost sure that the laser headlights are going to equip our future cars. there is no known drawback for the moment and the benefits are proven.


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