About Car headlights (Part 1)

The car headlights are an essential element for the safety in a car. this is also an an important detail of the visual signature of the car builders. Indeed, they are also made to have a nice car visual. In this article I will explain to you the different kind of headlights and their evolution.

In this article I will explain the basics about headlight and in another one I will present to you alternative technologies and innovations.


 the halogen lights

it exist a lot of lights in a car but the most important are to see and be seen. So today we are going to talk about front headlighhttps://i1.wp.com/www.unige.ch/presse/archives/unes/2003/pics/phares.jpgts. the first type of headlight is the halogen lamps. this is the oldest still used technology. And it still the most common used by car builders. this is because it is the less expensive technology. but there is lot of drawbacks, for example the lamp lifetime and the lighting range. this technology use a classic lamp, as in your home, it is supplied by the battery voltage. It is simple to recognise halogen headlight, the light color is rather yellow and the light beam is not concentrated.


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  1. biish0p says:

    nowadays , the car is equipped with LED, How much lumens between halogen and LED ?


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