Clean 4U, another way to defrost your windscreen

Today, in order to defrost your windscreen you have 2 main choices, the first is to scratch it and the second is to switch on your vehicule and wait during the defrosting. In both case you have to wait in the cold… which is not very comfortable.

But, is that the unique solution to defrost is to blow a hot air flow on the windscreen ? Not sure, and this is what seems to think the Valeo Company. Valeo made a demonstration at the Frankfurt Motor Show of a new innovating system. His name is the “Remote Clean4U”. The principle is very simple. The user just have to start a defrost with his smartphone from his home before leaving (5 minutes before). The car does the rest !

The innovation is not from the driving with the smartphone but with the method to defrost. It is make with the wipers of the car. I explain to you the behavior below.

  • The user unlock his smartphone and start the clean4U application
  • The car receive the request from the smartphone
  • A specific liquid in a tank is spread by the wipers on the windscreen
  • The wipers operate by steps from the bottom to the top of the windshield
  • Your car is defrost in less than 90 sec

An incredible system, isn’t it?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. alexscifo says:

    I need absolutely this new technology on my next car because I’m fed up to scratch!
    It’s very a good new.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. alex223578 says:

    you’ll still have to wait because for the moment it is only a prototype.


  3. mma1143 says:

    Finally a useful invention . Do you think it will be marketed ?


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