The pedestrian airbag from Volvo

Volvo is well know for its innovation about safety for users and pedestrian. They invented the seatbelt in 1959. Today they are proposing differents topics to improve our safety.

One of them is the pedestrian airbag. This protection is made for a pedestrian which had a impact with the front of the vehicule.

This system is designed for a city traffic (Where there is lot of pedestrian). In order to explain the behavior, I am going to take a case of using.

  • You are the car driver. You drive between 20 and 50Km/h. A pedestrian crosses the road in front of you. You don’t have time to brake. When the impact occurs, the cars recognise pdestrian legs thanks to sensors in the front bumper. At this moment the car launch 2 main actions :
    • Lift the bonnet of the car : this action add more space between the bonnet and the component below (to soften the impact)
    • Deployment of the pillow : This action create safety area for the pedestrian head. Airbag  is covering the wipers and the windscreen (partially)

In these situations, the pedestrian is vulnerable. I think that Volvo had a really interesting idea, because lot of car makers are thinking to persons inside the car, not to pedestrian outside…


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  1. Hi!
    This sounds like a great technology. However, I hope that I will never have to use it, as a pedestrian or a driver!


    1. alex223578 says:

      believe me, it is better to be a pedestrian with this technology than without ! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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