The BMW 7 serie display key

See original image

The new 7 serie from BMW is equiped with an outstanding innovation, a multifunctional key which is at the state of the art.

This key is made of 4 main buttons and 1 LCD touch screen. It looks like the picture below. The 4 buttons have basic functions to lock and unlock the car (Both central buttons), to switch on the alarm (red button) and to open the trunk. The LCD touch screen is used for the following innovating functions.

See original image

This key provide you some informations about your car status, such as :

  • Fuel level and estimated autonomy range
  • Windows status (close/open)
  • Trunk and doors status (Close/Open/ Locked)
  • Alarm state (On/Off)
  • Interior and tilt sensor

It also can be used as a remote conrol for the following actions :

  • Car preconditioning (defrost from your house)
  • Central locking (doors and windows)
  • Service requierement
  • Switch the lights (On/Off)

According to me, this is a very useful invention which can improve our user experience. However, this kind of thechnology makes the car hackable.

What is your opinion about this topic ? If you have the choice, would you like to have this kind of technology ?



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