Park4U ? A solution to park your car independently

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In my blog presentation I presented the Park4U system, from Valeo. As I said it can park a car “without” the intervention from the user.

It can be used in order to park a car in a difficult situation (e.g. when you are tired, or when the park area is very restrictive).

But how work this system ?

This is a half automatic system. it works in 4 main steps.

  1. The user switch on the system to find a space in a park area
  2. Ultrasonic sensors are searching a suitable space for the car
  3. As soon as the car as stopped and the reverse gear has been engage, the system takes the steering wheel control. The driver only manages the speed of the car.
  4. During maneuvering, the ultrasonic sensors (all around the vehicule) enhance safety, thanks to the obstacle detection.

the system is stopped as soon as the driver touches the steering wheel.

I have my opinion about this system. Despite the improvement of the safety and of the usability, I think we don’t have to use this system every day because it may reduce our ability to drive.

See below a presentation video of the system.


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