communication between components ? How ?

As I said previously, all components communicate between them. Why and how ? This is the topic of the day !

In this article you will be inform about global principles of an internal network.
Before presenting to you technological innovations, I think you need to know basics about automotive industry, the vehicle Bus is one of them. Without this you couldn’t see the speed on your dashboard or you couldn’t drive the ventilation.
In order to have less wire and to simplify the driving of all components, an internal network was invented. All components are linked by the same wire or same both wire (depending of the case) and use the same communication protocol, with a defined code to give a request or a status.
There are two main type of communication networks in a car. The CAN bus, it is used to communicate between all main components (safety, engine driving, etc) because it is more effective and faster than the second kind of network. This one is the LIN bus, it is used for communication of subnet (without impact on safety), it is slower and less effective but really cheaper.

See the following video for further informations.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. germatoni says:

    Hello Alexis,
    I find vehicule architecture interesting. I think that a lot of improvment have been made and it is very important for the future of the automotive


    1. alex223578 says:

      I Agree ! and I am convinced that the communication between component is the basis to improve these technologies


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