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This blog has been created, to present news technologies and innovations in automotive industry. It should present innovations from Car builders and Automotive suppliers. The intention is to introduce, to you, technologies from all sources and expose how they work.

ethernet-bmw-x5Today, in  a car, all components communicate between them, it permits some improvements of technology. Despite of these improvements, a car is not fully safe, reliable and clean (pollution norms). the automotive insdustry need more innovations and researches to obtain a more efficient car, in safety, comfort, driving assistance and ecology.

My interest about this subject comes from my passion for cars. I think they can improve our life quality, especially for security and ecology. Actually I work in an automotive supplier company and I am surrounded by these innovations.

In the following video you will see a car with an innovating system. The “Park4U” from the Valeo company, where I work. It parks the car without any driver.


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  1. alex3875 says:

    Amazing !! Finally a blog about car 😀 I was about to give up my search about this subject.. so, first thing first, I’ld like to tell you a big thank you for all your futur threads 😀

    Just a comment about this sentence, “the automotive insdustry need more innovation and research to obtain a more efficiency car, in safety, ecology, comfort and driving assistance” I think you can retell it like : “the automotive insdustry need more innovation and research to become efficient, safe, ecological, comfortable”

    Hope to read you soon.

    PS: What’s the name of your company ?


    1. alex223578 says:

      Thank you for your encouragements !

      I work for Valeo Climate Control in France.


  2. labviewman says:

    Hi Alexis,

    I’m also interested in news technologies. I worked there for some time in this area. I enthusiastically awaits you make me discover new innovations.



  3. germatoni says:

    Hello Alexis,
    Thank you for choosing this subject.
    I think your blog will be interresting because innovations are very important today for all reasons that you quote in your article. I can’t wait you next post.


  4. thomas3991 says:

    Hello Alexis
    Your subject is very interesting. Today I work in a company which develops new automobile elements like on your blog. Do you have this kind of element on your car?
    I look forward to see your next post.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi ! Thank you for publishing this first article on your blog ! I am also really interested in new technologies related to cars as I work in an automotive company. I agree that car developpment is essential for our quality of life and I hope to read soon in your blog some news concerning autonomous cars.


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